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Q: How much does a Job Posting cost?
A:  A Job Posting includes one Category combination and costs $229.00. Each additional Category costs $10.00. Special color and / or logo link will cost an additional fee.  We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards or we can invoice you for an additional $25.00.
Q: How do I place my First Ad?
A:  To place an ad simply click on "Post a Job". Then enter the Create Job information, then your Contact and Billing information, then Preview the ad for accuracy.  If everything looks correct just click the Finished button, at the bottom of the page, and you are done.  Ads paid by credit card will be posted immediately.  Billed ads will be posted upon receipt of payment and the invoice is sent by email. 
Q: How is different from other  job web sites
A: is locally owned and operated, with its main focus is on the local employment needs of the Silicon Valley community.  We have several locally linked web sites, the Site is extremely user friendly, and we do not charge additional fees when you edit or update your job postings.
Q: How do I modify my ad and is there a charge for modifications?
A:  From the Home Page, click on "Employer Login", Log In to your account, then click on "Manage Your Postings".  On the Manage Your Postings page click on "Edit".  There you can make changes to your Ad and your Contact & Billing information.  After making your changes, click "Preview" and check your ad for accuracy.  Click the Finished button at the bottom of the page when you are done.  There is NO CHARGE for editing or updating your job posting.
Q: How do I "ReRun" an expired ad?
A:  Log In, and go to "Manage Your Postings".  Choose the ad you wish to rerun and click on "Reactivate".  There you will have the opportunity to edit any information.  When finished, click Preview and check your ad for accuracy, then click the Finished button, and you are done.  Your ad will be posted immediately.  Unless you choose to Pay by Check, then an invoice will be emailed, and your ad will be posted upon receipt of payment.
Q: Is it better to remove email and website links from my posting?
A:  By having Job Seekers contact you thru our online application you are better able to manage responses to your job posting through matching the Work Authorization, Job Location, Zip Code, Education Level, and Career Level Fields.  Job Seekers who contact you thru your email address make it more difficult for you to identify unqualified applicants.
Q: How do I get a copy of my credit card or invoice receipt?
A:  If you forgot to print your credit card receipt or invoice at the end of your transaction, you can log into your "Manage Your Postings" page, click on the "Edit" button of the Ad you want the copy . Then, click the "Receipt" tab on the right and print your invoice.
Q: I have an account, but I am unable to access the resume database?
A:  You must have a current ad running to search the resume database.
Q: Should I post my Job in additional Categories or Locations?
A:  Job Seekers often search in related Categories and nearby Locations.  Posting your Job in multiple Category/Location combinations increases your jobs exposure and more Job Seekers will find your job posting.
Q: How do I choose a Category to place my Job in?
A:  Searching the site in various Categories to see where other employers are advertising similar positions is a good way to decide on a category.
Q: Why am I not able to proceed to the next page when I hit the Continue button at the bottom of the page?
A:  Check to see that you have entered all required fields that are indicated with a red asterisk (*).
Q: How do I make my Posting confidential so that no one in my company knows about the job posting?
A:  Place a checkmark in the "Public" boxes", to the right of your Contact Information on the Contact & Billing page, to make your Job Posting confidential. All Job Seekers will be required to use the Apply Now link to respond to your Posting. Even if you hide your email address, you will still receive responses to that email address, but Job Seekers won't see that address until you send an email directly to them.
Q: What is a PO number?
A:  PO is an abbreviation for Purchase Order. Any combination of letters and numeric digits are acceptable. We recommend that you use a different PO number for each posting. the Purchase Order number will be referenced on your invoice for identification purposes.
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